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April 2022 Newsletter- PDF File Download: 2022 NEWEST NL final printed 4-19-22 -Vol 78

Fall 2021 Newsletter – PDF File Download: PFS Newsletter-Vol77-Issue2

June & July 2021 Newsletter – PDF File Download: 2021 JUNE-JULY NEWSLETTER EMAILED

July 2020 Newsletter File Download: PFS-NEWSLETTER-JULY-2020

January 2020 Newsletter File Download: PFS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2020

January 2019 Newsletter File Download: PFS-January-2019-newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter File Download: September-2018-PFS-Newsletter

April 2018 Newsletter File Download : PFS-April-2018-Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter File Download: JANUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER

January 2017 Newsletter File Download: PFS-January-2017-newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter File Download: September-2016-pfs-newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter File Download:APRIL-2016-PFS-NEWSLETTER

January 2016 Newsletter File Download: JAN 16 PFS NEWSLETTER VOL 74 Includes fliers for upcoming events

September 2015 Newsletter File Download: SEPT 15 PFS NEWSLETTER VOL 73

July 2015 Newsletter File Download: JULY 15 PFS NEWSLETTER VOL 72

April 2015 Newsletter File Download:  APR 15 NEWSLETTER VOL 71

Fall 2014 Newsletter – PDF File Download: PFS-Newsletter-fall-2014

September 2013 Newsletter – PDF   File Download: PFS-NEWS-Vol69-Issue4

July 2013 Newsletter – PDF   File Download: PFS-NEWS-Vol69-Issue3