Crop Walk 2020!

Doing things “not quite the same” is key to making this year’s Youngstown CROP happen because the work of Church World Service and Protestant Family Service (2020 Youngstown CROP local hunger fund recipient) continues.

Crop-Walk-2020-Packet PDF    Please see the message below for information about additional materials.


Take the step and register yourself and/or begin recruiting for a team that will “walk together apart.” Since the pandemic began, CWS has been promoting taking advantage of online giving, no-contact collection — it being safe and efficient! If you decide instead for safe offline fundraising, still register yourself and/or team so you will have an online presence and just in case, an alternative way to give. I can provide you with the drive-thru pre-packaged resources and yard signs (NEW THIS YEAR) that were distributed on Sat, August 1 (Youngstown’s CROP Hunger Walk’s alternative to the Team Captain’s meeting) by setting up a time and place for you to pick up or me to deliver the package and yard sign(s). I have also attached the resources that were in the bag, except the TEAM CAPTAIN PACKET, 10 WALKER DONATION ENVELOPES. Most of these resources can be downloaded at, except for the Team Captain Sign-in Form, Team Captain Tips and CROP Hunger Walk yard sign. The Team Captain Tips document will answer questions concerning who to make checks payable to: CWS/CROP and where to drop off your Team Captain’s Packet (with funds): Poland United Methodist Church, 1940 Boardman Poland Rd, Poland OH 44514, Monday, October 12 – Tuesday, October 13 from noon – 1 p.m. or 7 – 8 p.m. in the CROP Hunger Walk barrel under the portico on the west side of the building and so forth.

Again, thank you for considering being a part of CWS CROP Virtual Hunger Walk during this time.

Walking together 👣

Becky Gifford

Event Coordinator

Youngstown CROP Hunger Walk