Volunteer Corner

Hello Volunteers,

On April 18th, PFS hosted an Appreciation Brunch for the scheduled volunteers who act as receptionists and food transporters who give of their time on a monthly basis. The luncheon, as always, was delightful. How nice it is to relax and appreciate all those friendly volunteers – they are grand people.

The following poem was read by Kay Hurd to sincerely thank everyone for their faithful service:

Once upon eternity,
above the clouds so high,
there were some chosen angels
who had no wings to fly.
Their hands were made for helping
their hearts were tender too.
Their smiles were warm and happy
and glowed as halos do.
So God sent down these angels,
because they were such dears,
to spread their gentle love on earth.
We call them VOLUNTEERS.

Mary Bali & Kay Hurd
Volunteer Coordinators

Grant Received

A $4,000 grant distributed by the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation from the Thomases Family Endowment was received for our Pathway to Stability Program to be used to help with water disconnection or restoration. The Thomases Family Endowment actively practices Tzedakah, the Hebrew word that exemplifies righteousness, charity and social action in the Jewish and greater secular communities. The agency’s guidelines for distribution will be followed. We are so grateful to receive this generous grant to help others.

Those We Serve

A 55 year old man came to us for help with his medication for blood pressure. He has just started receiving disability for an ongoing health condition. Unfortunately, he had no health insurance until now. Earlier this year, he went to visit his father in the hospital who was undergoing surgery for a leg amputation and while there he suffered a heart attack. Because of major medical bills, he has fallen behind on many utility bills but is trying to make payments even if small ones. This leaves very little, if any, funds for medicines to sustain life. Help Hotline referred him to us for help with medication.

We have seen an increase in the need for food beginning in the month of June because of children being home from school for the summer. Many of our clients with children rely on the school breakfast/lunch program as this relieves some of the monthly burden of food purchases.
With the help of individuals and churches donating food and our purchases from Second Harvest Food Bank, we try to keep our pantry well stocked during the summer months.

Judy Wilson, Caseworker

2013 Feinstein Hunger Challenge

This year’s Feinstein Hunger Challenge was a great success. With your generosity we were able to report $20,766 to the Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation from donations and pledges received during March and April. Sometime during August, we will receive a check from the Foundation for approximately $300. Thank you for helping us to meet “The Challenge” of fighting hunger in our community.

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